Lab-grown diamond companies are an industry on the rise. The world is opening its eyes to the complete picture of how natural diamonds reach their wearers. When it comes to diamonds mined from the earth’s crust, the beauty is breathtaking, but the journey is often painful for nature, the individuals residing near the mines, and those involved in the mining and marketing of these precious stones. Lab-grown Diamonds, on the other hand, tell only a story of beauty. In both cases, science works its magic to give us dazzling treasures. However, in the latter, the journey from lab to jewellery box is free of pain and destruction and focused on sustainability.

Just like all the other lab-grown diamond companies in the world, we are on a mission to ensure that the future of diamond manufacturing is one of untainted beauty and wonder. We are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to make this possible, and when we look at our lab-born beauties and what they mean for the rest of creation, we know that every effort we make is worth it.

About Us

Real Illusion is a team of individuals driven by a shared passion to make the manufacture of diamonds more sustainable and more affordable. Our aim is to create a future in which the beauty and love of diamonds is not compromised and neither is the environment and human life.

This is why we’re using the latest technologies to create exquisite lab-made diamonds that look and feel exactly like their mined counterparts.

The only difference between a diamond from the Earth’s crust and a diamond from our lab is that one has a bloody history while the other offers only affordable beauty.


To pave the way for a conflict-free,
environment-friendly future of diamonds


A world where there’s no guilt in wearing
a real diamond

The pillars on which we stand

Values that are at the core of what we do
So that there’s never an ugly side to diamonds
So that every partner benefits from the truth
So the environment is never compromised