We asked ourselves whether a diamond that caused injury to the environment or suffering to an individual or community can truly bring joy to its wearer. We realised that it is difficult to enjoy jewellery completely when it has a dark history. We then asked ourselves whether there is a way to give you diamonds that bring untainted joy. Science had the answer: diamonds produced as a result of chemical vapour deposition (CVD). We realised that this was the future of diamond manufacture.

We are a CVD diamond manufacturer that puts sustainability front and centre. We believe that if a diamond is created through a process that respects nature and humanity, it is truly priceless: just what a diamond should be. The chemical vapour deposition process of creating diamonds allows us to fashion diamond jewellery that is simultaneously real, ethical, and affordable. This combination of authenticity and empathy is what makes every Real Illusion diamond a joyful purchase.

We aim to be a CVD diamond manufacturer that puts heart into the art of diamond manufacture.

Welcome to diamonds of tomorrow.

Cultivating a better choice

diamonds born of art and expertise, not conflict
Low carbon
human safety
Zero wildlife

Real diamonds.
But better.

perfect and more affordable

At Real Illusion, we specialise in creating real diamonds within the controlled atmosphere of our laboratory. The brilliant result of heat and expertise, our lab-grown diamonds are conflict-free and nature-friendly. The Earth doesn’t suffer and humankind doesn’t suffer as beauty itself is created within our laboratories.

This is the future of diamond manufacturing. Help us build it.

The man behind the team

that’s defining the future standards of diamonds

Anup Zaveri joined the diamond business all the way back in 1982. A partner of Polar Star, Mr. Zaveri boasts a wealth of experience as a diamond manufacturer: three decades of it, to be precise. He is the honorary treasurer of Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) and the convener of its Customs Liaison Committee. That’s not all. Mr. Zaveri is also the acting managing trustee of the Gemmological Institute of India (GII). Together with his team at Real Illusion, he is innovating the future of diamond production one thoughtful CVD diamond at a time.

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